How useful is an online law degree

How Useful Is An Online Law Degree

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This can and will change your life for the better. You can simply buy a real university degree online. No catch it will be real accredited and will come from real physical university.

Many people wish to become lawyers one day. However, the academic journey towards that dream is not easy at all. Aside from time and money, not everyone has the mental strength to pursue the said career. That is why people choose to try to get an online law degree with hopes that it will jumpstart their legal careers.

However, many are doubting the usefulness and validity of these degrees. One of the most asked questions is how similar is an online degree to a university-provided law degree. Also, people ask whether it is enough to pursue a legal profession. The answer to that depends on whether you have a real accredited law degree or a fake law degree.

Can you get a law degree online?

get a law degree online

Since schools started to offer online education, many are wondering if they can also get law degrees online. Definitely, you can. Many universities are offering degrees in the field of law through their official websites. It is a kind of distance learning where you will enroll online and study the courses independently for at least four years.

Some of the law-related degrees you can get online are:

  • Business law
  • Criminal law
  • Constitutional law
  • Environmental law
  • Health care law

But, you should know that studying law online takes almost the same time as physically attending classes. You are also not exempted from having assignments and group discussions. The only difference is it is done virtually.

Traditionally, schools have quarter and periodic exams to assess how much a student has learned. Online programs usually only have a single main exam taken by the end of the course. This is the main difference in online programs compared to conventional courses taken at university.

However, do take note that finding an accredited online law degree can be hard. This is because the American Board Association (ABA) does not recognize many universities offering online law degree programs. Therefore, the best way to get real online academic recognitions in the field of law is through accredited degree providers.

Where to get accredited online law degrees

You can always search for the list of ABA-accredited schools that officially provide online law degrees. Aside from official university websites, you can also get accredited law degrees from third party degree providers. However, do be careful of fake degree sellers.

These are the things a real online degree provider should have:

List of official partner universities

The very thing that sets apart fake online law degree providers from real ones is that they do not have real school partners. A real third-party degree provider works hand in hand with real accredited universities. Therefore, they can provide you with all kinds of academic recognitions, even international accredited law degrees.

These academic institutions have real campuses. That is where these sellers get their documents from. Basically, these third-party sellers let you buy a law degree with real and original supporting documents such as a diploma and transcripts.

Customer evaluation process

Real law degrees are only valid when supported by the right skill set. That is why no degree provider will just let you buy any degree of your choice. Real degree sellers have an evaluation process for their customers.

A customer has to provide their educational and work background before buying a degree. In this way, the seller can carefully assess which degree and university are suitable for you. This is also their way of preventing people from misusing their products.

Legalization and verification process for their products

Since fake law degree makers do not have official university partners, they cannot provide you with real documents. When you buy from these scammers, you will most likely receive a degree from fake degree generators.

On the other hand, real degree sellers will get your documents from physical campuses. After that, the documents will go through the website’s legalization and verification processes.

During that procedure, school officials, lawyers, and government offices will assess and certify your academic documents. After that, you are guaranteed to receive real and usable online law degrees.

Reasonable product costs

Fake school documents are below quality. Therefore, it does not take much capital to produce because real degrees go through a lot of processes. Also, they are made of quality materials. Thus, legitimate school documents like accredited online law degrees can come at a cost.

Still, do note that a degree bought online should not cost more than what you would spend when traditionally getting degrees.

Reasonable processing time

Last but not least, fake degree providers will offer you instant degrees. If you buy a law degree from them, you can expect to receive your order in just a few days. In contrast, you will receive your school documents within a few weeks if buying from real degree sellers.

This is because your documents will still have to undergo your degree provider’s due processes, which was already mentioned above.

Uses and benefits of online law degrees

Uses and benefits of online law degrees

As mentioned, the validity and usefulness of your online degree depend on your provider. You can easily use these school documents if they are from accredited degree providers. These can either be official university websites or third-party degree sellers.

Some of the uses and benefits of online law degrees are:

It makes you an eligible candidate to take a bar exam

Only law degree holders can take the bar exam. Therefore, you can use your accredited online law degree to take this legal examination. Bar exams are important to every person wanting to become a lawyer. It is a requirement for you to get your license as an attorney.

It will help you jumpstart your career as a legal professional

Being a law degree holder lets you join the legal workforce. You can work as a private legal practitioner or work for law firms with your online degree. However, make sure that it is from an accredited provider. If the ABA does not recognize your degree, it will be hard for you to use it for employment.

It helps you pursue political ambitions

Many politicians have a background in law. Thus, having a legal degree can help you achieve your political ambitions if ever you have one. This is advantageous for you because it means that you are familiar with the justice system. Therefore, many people will trust you.

It will grow your income

Having this degree can help you increase your income. It is a direct effect of being able to practice a legal profession. Therefore, you earn more money by having more job opportunities at hand.

Jobs for online law degree holders

Jobs for online law degree holders

An online law degree lets you enjoy the same benefits that traditional degrees can offer. As mentioned, it is a great academic recognition that can help you start practicing legal professions while you wait to take your bar examination.

Some of the jobs that you can have are:


Paralegals are employed by licensed attorneys to help them prepare for their cases. Their job responsibilities include researching and curating legal facts and documents to be used in court.

Law consultant

Many people need an attorney’s advice. And, it is not only licensed lawyers who can provide this service. You can use your law degree to help people needing legal consultation. These clients can range from small to big businesses and simple individuals.

Legal writer

Legal writers are people in charge of documenting anything related to the justice system. As a legal writer, you are expected to write policies and memorandums. You are also in charge of recording and summarizing case laws and news.

These are just a few of the possible jobs you can have with your degree. Just imagine all the other work opportunities you will get with your degree partnered with your license as an attorney!

Risks of fake online law degrees

There are only a few accredited online degree providers, especially in the field of law. On the contrary, there are a lot of fake websites that claim to provide real degrees in the area of law. Therefore, you should always be wary of the provider you choose. If not, you may fall victim to scammers and face the following consequences such as:

  • Facing legal sanctions
  • Losing your job if you are already working
  • Losing your license as a lawyer
  • Getting black-listed in your career
  • Decreasing your income

Therefore, to ensure the validity and usefulness of your degree, always buy from accredited online law degree providers. Do not risk yourself with a fake degree. Remember that online academic recognitions became available for convenience. Thus, it should not be a hindrance to your success.

Pursuing a profession in the legal industry can be hard. It will take you years to get the right academic recognition you need. Also, you must pass the bar examination to get the title of an attorney. Now, thanks to accredited third-party degree providers, you can easily reach your dream to become a lawyer. You do not have to wait for years, just buy online now.

Your means of getting an online law degree is not important. Its usefulness and validity vary depending on whether you got it from accredited providers. That is why it is recommended that you get an online law degree from ABA-accredited universities and their official third-party degree providers. 

In this way, you can ensure that you can use your online law degree to its full potential. Accredited online law degrees are extremely useful and beneficial for those who want to pursue careers in the legal industry before taking the bar examination.

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