Music Degree Online: Top 5 Schools You Can Consider

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This can and will change your life for the better. You can simply buy a real university degree online. No catch it will be real accredited and will come from real physical university.

Regardless of age and experience, musicians are driven individuals who are always wanting to learn something new. In that regard, many of them are looking for a music degree online. This academic recognition can help them quickly adapt to new and evolving techniques in modern music technology.

Where To Get Online Music Degree?

Many universities began to offer their academic programs online, which means that you can comfortably enroll through their official websites. Aside from that, there are also small learning institutions that offer degrees in the field of music through short online classes. Sometimes, even musicians offer online music courses.

With a considerable amount of options to choose from, we can say that getting a music degree is relatively easy. However, finding the right mentor or institution can be hard. Thus, we give you the top five schools that you may want to consider if you wish to get an online music degree.

1. University Maine Of Augusta

University Maine of Augusta (UMA) is an accredited university with annual tuition that costs $9,269. UMA holds more than 80 programs, and that includes 14 online degrees in music.

UMA is a new online school that focuses on providing full concentration in music theory, aural efficiency, history in music, and industry. They also have additional courses that involve piano lab, digital music systems, ensembles as well as composition.

For application, they accept enrollees on a rotational scheme. They require an in-person audition or a submission of a 10-minute video presentation. As for the graduating students, they complete a seminar and a recital to showcase their talents.

2. Glenville State College

Glenville State College is also one of the best schools where you can get online music degree courses centralizing in Bluegrass history. Apart from that, it is also the most less expensive online college that offers the best courses in music. Their annual tuition costs only $8,818. 

This college also offers class instruction in voice, concert choir, string instruments, literature, marching band, and music technology.

3. University Of Toledo

Compared to other schools, the University Of Toledo offers an online music degree for a more expensive annual tuition of $17,573. They specialize in teaching cultures and music of non-western styles, jazz history, and musical diversity in the USA.

They offer a more extensive scope other than just entirely teaching arts. The students who are attending a Bachelor of Liberal Arts online have the freedom to choose to focus on music. They propose deep learning in music while getting extensive education in all domains of arts.

University of Toledo

Their idea of offering other courses opens the door to various possibilities in the students’ future, providing the freedom to choose whether to pursue music or work in another field.

4. Liberty University

The Liberty University is an orthodox-type online degree music school with annual tuition fees of $11,700. This school offers a much different perspective for music lovers.

Liberty University offers a four-year online course where you can get a Bachelor of Science in Worship Studies degree. This aims to educate starters in the foundation of worship in the fundamentalist community. 

This music degree online curriculum comprises specification in musical knowledge, appealing worship approach, the art of conveying, and the acquisition of knowledge regarding opportunities with local ministries.

With this kind of online music degree, you can become a music minister, a church musical director, or as a pastor.

5. The New School

Last but not least, The New School. This online music school is one of the highly suggested schools that offer online music degrees. However, they are much too expensive. Their annual tuition costs $48,760.

The graduates of their program can pursue further education with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater. This program has a mandatory 120 credit hours. The fixed hours intend to allocate all areas adequately.

The schools listed above are just a few of the academic institutions that are offering online music degrees. Also, do note that these are all accredited universities and colleges, which makes them the best option out there. This means that your music degree is recognizable by other institutions. Therefore, you can use it for a lot of beneficial ways.

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