Online Education 101: Do Fake Transcripts Work?

Do Fake Transcripts Work?

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This can and will change your life for the better. You can simply buy a real university degree online. No catch it will be real accredited and will come from real physical university.

If you are a keen observer, you will notice how competitive the job industry is. Being a bachelor’s degree holder cannot guarantee you a high-paying career. That’s why many students and working adults are considering obtaining a higher education. Be it a master’s degree or doctorate; you can surely get a heads-up among your colleagues if you have it. The problem is, not all people can afford to continue their studies. Usually, students hunt for jobs after graduation, whereas those who are desperate to advance their careers make a counterfeit transcript. The question is, do fake transcripts work?

What Is An Academic Transcript?

For those who are not aware of what an academic transcript is, know that it is a critical school document. Usually, universities give it to students after graduation. It is not an ordinary piece of paper since it holds your school records, such as your grades and all the courses you have taken. Not only that but all of your achievements, including your academic awards, are reflected in the transcript. That’s why many employers ask for it since they can use this document to determine where you’re good at.

When considering online education, it is crucial to get a degree from a reputable university that can provide you with a real transcript. It is because there are phony degree makers that can only give you a fake official transcript. Whether it is your intention or not to have it, you might face legal issues once someone found that you submitted counterfeit documents. That’s why be careful when getting a degree online.

Can You Make A Fake Transcript?

make a fake transcript

Through modern technology and the existence of photo editing apps, it is possible to create a fake official transcript. Besides, you can find tons of fake transcript generators online. It is why many students are getting tempted to make a phony transcript. Although it may look real, there are many ways on how to spot a counterfeit one. Not only that, but employers are getting smarter about how they can verify your academic transcript. So if you want to land your dream job, it is essential to consider getting a real degree. Make sure to request a valid diploma and transcript from the university.

Do Fake Transcripts Work?

Some individuals create phony transcripts with verification as a living. Most of them are skilled in making counterfeit documents, including school documents. But as stated earlier, no matter how real these documents look, your employers can verify academic transcripts. Here’s how:

  • The employers may call the staff and members of the university to verify your credentials.
  • The employers will ask you to submit a copy of your academic transcript. Then, they will forward it to the university for verification.
  • The employers will require you to go back to the university and mail them the document in a sealed envelope. In case of getting a degree online, they may ask you to request it from the university and send it to them.
  • For those who obtained an online degree, the employers will ask you to grant them a guest view of your online student records. Although it merely depends on the Student Information System at your university, it is essential to be aware of this verification process. If you prefer obtaining an online degree, choose a degree maker that can provide you with relevant documents like an acceptance letter and graduation letter.

Why You Should Not Use Fake Transcripts

Even if you create a fake official transcript and do your best to make it real, your employer can still verify the validity of your school documents. As mentioned earlier, you might face legal issues once someone found out that you used phony documents. If you are already employed, the employer can fire you from work. In a worst-case scenario, you might be put into jail. To maintain a good reputation, make sure to submit real documents.

Many students and working adults wonder, “Do fake transcripts work?” The truth is, it depends on how strict your employer is. If you need to undergo a thorough employment process, then there’s a little chance that your phony documents will work. It is because most employers will verify the ones you submitted and ask the university for validation. If you are considering getting a degree even online, request for the documents you need and make sure that they are real, especially if you acquired an online degree. Beware of fraudsters who are only after your money.

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