High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With The Best 2-Year Degrees

High-paying jobs you can get with the best 2 year degrees

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This can and will change your life for the better. You can simply buy a real university degree online. No catch it will be real accredited and will come from real physical university.

The job market is getting more competitive despite the increase in worldwide employment. And one of the things that remain essential to getting jobs is having a degree or two. But, not all jobs require a degree earned through four-year courses. In fact, you can find many high-paying jobs that only require the best 2-year degrees offered by accredited institutions.

But what are two-year degrees? Where can you get it and can you use it to get a job with a high paying income? Let this article breakdown everything you need to know about these fast degrees and how you can use them to achieve your career goals.

Different Kinds of 2-Year Degrees You Can Get

Different kinds of 2 year degrees you can get

Universities began to offer 2-year degrees in 1873. It gained popularity in the US around 1898. Since then, it has been one of the most sought after degrees by people wanting fast academic recognitions. The most traditional degree in this category is an associate’s degree. However, you can now get more convenient two-year degrees online. Such as the following:

Associates Degrees

Associate’s degree is the oldest and most conventional two-year degree you can get. It is also the easiest, most accessible, and possibly the cheapest as well. Community colleges and accredited training facilities usually offer this academic recognition.

Usually, an associate’s degree takes two years to complete. It is mostly offered for skill-based professions like:

  • Culinary
  • Information technology
  • Computer science
  • Liberal arts
  • Nursing
  • Construction management

Aside from that, people also choose to get this degree to help ease their way in getting their bachelor’s degree. Associate’s degrees have transferable school credits that can be used to lessen your time finishing a four-year degree.

Experience Degrees

Experience degrees is one of the rising alternatives in modern education. It is one of the best 2-year degrees for people needing school certificates but do not have the right resources like time and money to do so.

However, there are only a few academic institutions allowed to grant this two-year degree. And in order to get one, you need to provide a portfolio or a collation of documents proving your skills and expertise in your field. Aside from that, some providers will ask you to attend seminars and complete a skill assessment exam. That is why it takes two years to get.

You can benefit from experience degrees by using it as an alternative to traditional degrees. It is an academic recognition for your skills without having to go through years of studying. It is highly beneficial in the field of arts as well as for skill-based careers.

Accelerated Degrees

Accelerated degrees are among the best two-year degrees you can get. These are usually offered online through accredited universities. With an accelerated degree, you can cut your studying time by half. For example, an accelerated bachelor’s degree will only take two years to get. It is actually a more useful two-year degree compared to experience degrees. Because it is more convenient and more credible. Meaning, you can get any job you want because it works similarly to traditional degrees.

Online Degrees

Thanks to the internet, schools and universities are now able to cater to the high demand for fast degrees. Universities opened their doors to more students by offering online programs. And the exciting part about it is that these are usually short courses you can take for a few months or two years. These degrees are among the best 2-year degrees in demand because they are directly from known universities.

Aside from official university websites, you can also get online degrees from accredited third-party providers. These are official partners of real and accredited academic institutions. Their most popular offerings are two-year degrees.

Jobs You Can Get with Two-Year Degrees

Jobs you can get with two year degrees

Usually, people can only apply for entry-level jobs using two-year degrees. That is why many people still prefer to go through a full four-year course. However, nowadays, there is an increasing amount of careers requiring two-year degrees. In fact, there is a wide variety of these careers. It can be used in the field of medicine, transportation, engineering, arts, humanities, and even in the legal field.

Below are the best jobs you can get with 2-year degrees:

1. Computer Programmer 

One of the top-paying industries today is in the field of technology, specifically dealing with computers. Good thing, you can easily land a job as a computer programmer with a two-year degree. A computer programmer can earn up to $82,000, depending on the company and the scope of work.

Some of the responsibilities of a computer programmer are:

  • Developing programs using various computer languages
  • Testing computer programs
  • Debugging or fixing computer-related problems
  • Updating and improving existing computer programs
  • Develop software
  • Database management
  • Supervising the maintenance of existing computer programs
  • Providing technical support

To become a computer programmer is not easy. It requires analytical and critical thinking skills. You also need to be creative enough to develop and improve existing programs. Thus, this job requires proper education and training. But you do not have to go through a full four-year course to get a degree in this field. You can either use some great two year degrees like accelerated, associates degrees, and online degrees.

2. Nuclear Technician 

Careers in the field of nuclear technology are in high demand yet unheard of. A nuclear technician works in a nuclear power plant and earns up to $80,000 USD. They are mostly in charge of the following job responsibilities:

  • Measure radiation levels
  • Supervise safety precautions within the plant and the use of nuclear energy
  • Monitor radiation
  • Monitor radiation contamination by collecting resource samples
  • Documenting nuclear-related data
  • Assisting engineers and other personnel within the plant

Nuclear power plants are one of the toughest to maintain. One mistake within the plant can cause a dangerous and hazardous consequence that can affect thousands and millions of people. Therefore, experts are the only people allowed to work within its facilities. To become a nuclear technician you need to have an associate’s degree in nuclear science or in any field related to it.

3. Dental Hygienist 

work in the dental industry with just two year degrees

Contrary to popular belief, you can work in the dental industry with just two-year degrees. One career you can pursue is being a dental hygienist. It is a top paying job where you can earn up to $70,000. One of the most basic tasks of a dental hygienist is to assist the dentist. Aside from that, some of their specific responsibilities are:

  • Orienting patients about the dental services, products, and procedures they are about to get.
  • Clean patients’ teeth with a dentist’s supervision
  • Assess and examine a patient’s oral health by checking their gums and teeth
  • Screen patients by checking their current and past oral health conditions
  • Being in charge of dental x-rays
  • Offering documentation and office assistance to dentists
  • Teaching proper oral health to patients

Because being a dental hygienist is like becoming a dentist’s assistant, you can easily be one with a two-year degree. It can either be an associate’s degree, accelerated degree, or an online degree. The important thing is that it is related to the field of oral health or dentistry. Aside from that, you will also have to apply for certification and licenses from accredited dental associations in order to practice this profession.

4. Web Developer 

Another popular career in the field of technology is becoming a web developer. Web developers earn up to $60,000.Of course, this salary depends on your skills and the company you are applying for. It also varies depending on your scope of work and projects.

Some of the job responsibilities of a web developer are:

  • Developing software and applications to be used on websites
  • Maintaining and improving software and applications by making and conducting maintenance tests
  • Updating and improving websites by being in charge of its editing and writing its content
  • Make a back-up directory for important files and data needed for the website to fully function
  • Developing and evaluating computer codes while making sure that it meets the company’s standards

Just like a computer programmer, you can easily get this job with a two-year degree. Degrees in this field are commonly offered by colleges and universities through associate and accelerated programs. There are also academic providers that offer short courses online that can equip you with the right skills for this job. Therefore, you can easily become a web developer.

5. Sonographer 

get a two year degree

Another in-demand job in the medical field is a sonographer who can have an income of $60,000. These are experts in charge of using special equipment that makes images through sound waves and vibrations. These images are what doctors and other medical experts use to diagnose their patients.

Aside from that, a sonographer is also tasked to:

  • Assist and brief patients before taking images using the specialized machines
  • Ensure patients comfortability and positions during the procedure. This is in order to get clear images of the organs needed to be assessed.
  • Examine images produced by the machine
  • Assess whether the patient needs to redo the procedure
  • Supervise doctors and surgeons during surgeries and other invasive procedures

A sonographer needs to have enough background and skills in their profession. Therefore, you cannot pursue a career in this field without a degree. Thus, it is most recommended to get a two-year degree in the field of applied science in diagnostic medical sonography.

6. Electronic Engineer 

Electronic engineers are probably one of the essential careers you can get with a two-year degree. These are professionals in charge of anything that is related to electronics. Their skills are highly valuable, that’s why an electronic engineer can earn up to $60,000. Their expertise is usually applied in electronic equipment used for transportation, communication, broadcast, and even global positioning systems (GPS).

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Designing and developing electronic equipments
  • Find new ways to utilize existing electrical powers to make new products
  • Installing electrical equipments
  • Testing and maintaining electrical equipments to keep them at the right standards
  • Investigating and fixing concerns regarding electrical products

Electronic engineers are essential to society. Their skills and expertise are among the backbone of our communities. Without their services, it will be hard for people to have access to fully and properly functioning electric equipment.

Because of the high demand for these experts, many academic institutions have made getting degrees in this field more convenient. You can easily find a two-year degree online or in your local college in the field of electronic engineering.

7. Police Officer 

Another essential job you can get with a great two-year degree is to become a police officer. Yes, you read that right! It is also one of the top-paying industries out there where you can get up to $60,000. Aside from that, each locality offers police officers their own set of benefits. It is a high-rewarding job because officers are in charge of our community’s safety.

The main tasks of a police officer include:

  • Documenting blotters or crime reports by interviewing the victim or complainant
  • Gathering necessary evidence
  • Community patrolling
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Hunting suspects and other suspicious people

You can easily learn and train to become a police officer through an associate’s degree, preferably in the field of law enforcement.

8. Aviation-Related Jobs

two year degree in the field of aviation

The travel industry also has a lot of careers requiring two-year degrees. With a two year degree in the field of aviation, you can either be a flight attendant, air traffic officer, or avionics technician.

Flight attendants are like guest relations officers aboard an airplane. They are in charge of ensuring a comfortable flight for passengers. They are highly trained professionals when it comes to flight safety precautions. One attendant can earn at least $70,000. This salary depends on the kind of airline and flights the attendant will be attending to.

Meanwhile, an air traffic officer is a ground-level aviation job. These officers are tasked to manage the flow of traffic on air by controlling and directing flights. They are also in charge of landing and take-off procedures. They are essential for the safety of our flights. An air traffic officer can earn up to $100,000.

Lastly, you can also become an aviation technician with a two-year degree. These are experts mainly in charge of maintaining the systems of air travel equipment from planes to control facilities. They are essential to the safety of air travel in which an aviation technician can earn up to $60,000.

9. Paralegal 

Becoming a lawyer is not the only career you can pursue in the legal industry. In fact, you can work as a legal practitioner with simple degrees. Among the legal careers, you can get with a two-year degree is becoming a paralegal who can earn up to $50,000.

Paralegals are similar to an attorney’s assistant and their main tasks are:

  • Preparing necessary documents needed by an attorney to be used in court such as affidavits and case digestions
  • Meeting with attorney’s clients and documenting their needs and concerns
  • Bookkeeping law library
  • Researching legal documents in assistance with the attorney
  • Gathering and assessing legal data

Usually, this job requires a degree in law, which can take more than six years to obtain. Because you will have to take a pre-law bachelor’s degree first before you can enroll for law programs. But thanks to two-year degrees in paralegal studies, you can now land a job in this profession in no time.

10. Advertising Sales Agent 

Business owners are now seeing the true value of marketing. That being said, there has been a rise in the demand for marketing jobs. One high-paying career in marketing is an advertising sales agent whereas you can earn up to $45,000.

Their main job requirements are:

  • Managing and developing lasting client relationships
  • Producing public relation and communication kits
  • Developing detailed marketing strategies for brand campaigns
  • Understanding and researching client’s products and services
  • Look for possible clients that are interested in the agency’s advertising services

An individual interested in pursuing this career can get a two-year degree in marketing or business management. There, they will learn the right strategies and communication theories that are essential skills to becoming an advertising sales agent.

11. Chef 

Culinary degrees are among the leading and most common two year degrees out in the market. No wonder, becoming a chef is one of the high-paying careers you can get with two-year degrees.

Aside from cooking, some of the specific tasks of a chef includes:

  • Developing a menu depending on budget and availability of ingredients
  • Training and assisting other kitchen staff
  • Keeping up with trends in the food and beverage industry and developing new recipes as needed
  • Maintaining the kitchen’s sanitation and safety standards
  • Managing food inventory

Anyone can become a chef with the right skills. In fact, there are many homegrown and self-taught chefs out there who are making thousands of dollars. Yet, a degree in culinary is still advantageous to land high-income positions in the F&B industry.

12. Customer Service Supervisor 

Customer service agents remain to be one of the most popular careers today. In relation to that, these agents need someone who will keep their work in check. That is when a customer service supervisor comes in. As a supervisor, you can earn up to $48,000.

Some of the job responsibilities of a customer service supervisor are:

  • Managing customer service agents performance and giving necessary feedbacks
  • Monitoring customer service operations
  • Training new customer service representatives
  • Developing and maintaining service policies
  • Attending to customer’s complaints when needed

To become a customer service supervisor, you can get an associates degree in business management or any related field. This major will equip you with the right communication skills and human resources management skills, which are both essential to this profession.

13. Physical Therapist Assistant 

Physical therapist assistant

Another essential and popular high paying career in the field of healthcare is a physical therapist assistant. These are professionals who help patients with limited physical capacities to function properly. They are highly valued healthcare experts that can earn up to $58,000.

Some of the specific job responsibilities of a physical therapist assistant are:

  • Observe and assist patients before, during, and after therapy sessions
  • Assist patients in doing their physical activities as directed by their physicians
  • Maintain the cleanliness of equipment and areas used for therapy sessions
  • Brief patients and their relatives about what to do before, during, and after treatments
  • Do office work such as attending to phone calls, fixing schedules, and keeping patient records

Individuals interested in becoming a physical therapist assistant do not need to go through years of studying for healthcare-related degrees. You can become a physical therapist assistant with just an accredited two-year associate’s degree and by passing a licensure exam.

14. Fashion Buyer 

Finding a job as a fashion buyer can be difficult without the right degree and knowledge in the fashion industry. Sometimes, you also need to have connections to multiple brands. However, when lucky enough to get hired, you can earn as much as $60,000. Some of your responsibilities include:

  • Maintain store inventory
  • Predicting customer demands
  • Analyze and research market trends
  • Meet suppliers to manage supplies, logistics, and prices of products
  • Document sales reports

To become a fashion buyer, you can enroll in two-year degrees like an associate’s program in fashion merchandising. This major will help you learn the skills you need to become a fashion buyer, such as manufacturing, promoting, and selling fashion products. You will also learn about how to analyze and predict market trends.

These are just some of the few careers with high incomes that you can get with two-year degrees. In fact, there are hundreds of other careers out there for each kind of two-year degrees. With these degrees, your career possibilities are endless. You just have to look for the right degree from the right provider.

The Benefits of Two-Year Degrees

Five benefits of two year degrees

Aside from getting top paying essential careers with two-year degrees, there are other ways these fast and easy academic recognitions can help you. Obviously, two-year degrees were offered to make education more convenient and accessible to students. These academic recognitions are very helpful to individuals who want to study but do not have enough resources to do so. It is also helpful to those who need documented proof to support this skill.

Some other benefits of two-year degrees are:

1. It can be a great tool to improve your professional security. 

The best two-year degrees can help you land a good and high-income job. Aside from that, it is also helpful in making a solid foundation for your job security. Everyone is likely to face a problem or road-blockage in their career. One of the most imminent threats to your professional life is getting fired. You can prolong your stay and increase your value as an employee by using two-year degrees. Since they are fast and convenient, it will not take too much of your time to get.

A two-year degree can help you become an asset to your company because it proves to your employer that you are willing to improve your skills and expertise. Companies love innovative employees who can bring something new to the table. That is why they are always searching for fresh talents in the industry. And since your knowledge in your field is up to date, they will be needing you more than ever. Therefore, giving you a more secure position in your job.

2. It is cheaper compared to traditional degrees.

Traditional degrees for the careers mentioned above can take years to earn. But with the help of two-year degrees like associates, accelerated, and online degrees, these professions are easier to achieve. Aside from that, you are also reducing your academic fees.

Usually, the longer you stay in school, the more money you have to spend. That is why two-year degrees are considered as cheaper alternatives. This is because you will be spending less time in school. Therefore, you will not have to worry about accumulated student loans or debts.

Also, getting traditional degrees can be too much of a burden in your finances. The average college tuition fee varies depending on your major. Unless you can get a scholarship or find a sponsor to support your studies, getting degrees will be hard for you. As a solution, you can get cheaper alternatives like two-year degrees.

3. It lets you have more job opportunities 

Because two-year degrees are faster to get, you can earn as many as you can for a short time. For example, you can get two accelerated bachelor’s degrees in four years. This is great compared to getting traditional bachelor degrees.

You can use your two-year degrees to enjoy different job opportunities in your field. Also, more job opportunities mean more income and faster career growth. This is a good deal, especially for the career-oriented and goal-getters out there.

Where to Get Two-Year Degrees

Where to get two year degree

As previously mentioned, you can traditionally get two-year degrees from accredited academic institutions. You can either enroll in physical classes taken at school campuses or enroll in online academic programs offered through official university websites. Aside from that, you can get fast degrees from third-party online degree providers.

Third-party academic providers are your best bet in getting fast two-year degrees. You can usually find them online. These are websites selling academic recognitions from real schools.

They can help you get a two-year degree in just a few weeks at an affordable price. This is good if you are someone who might be needing instant degrees because you do not have enough time to study for two years.

Spotting Fake Degrees

However convenient, buying degrees from third-party providers also comes with risks. Many ill-minded people have used the demand for instant degrees to scam people and make dirty money. Therefore, it is important to be careful in case you are planning to buy a two-year degree online. 

Some of the things you need to look out for in a legit online degree seller are:

1. List of official partner academic institutions 

No matter what kind of degree you get, the important thing is whether it is from an accredited institution or not. Unaccredited degrees are of little value compared to accredited ones. Aside from that, they are not as preferred by employers as compared to accredited degrees.

In that regard, the website you are buying your degree from should have a list of accredited schools and universities as their partners. This ensures that you will get real and usable degrees from real schools with physical campuses.

Do note that fast academic recognitions like two-year degrees are often second-guessed by employers. So, it is important to get academic recognition from accredited providers. You can always consult with your local education department or commissions to know which universities in your area are accredited to grant two-year degrees.

Fake degree providers do not have a list of accredited partner universities. Therefore, they only get their degrees and other supporting academic documents from fake degree generators.

2. Legalization and verification processes 

Legalization and verification processes

Because real online degree sellers have connections from real accredited academic institutions, they can easily provide you with legal and verifiable two-year degrees that have supporting documents.

It means that your two-year degree comes with supporting documents that have been assessed by lawyers, government officials, and official academic staff. Therefore, you are guaranteed to receive a degree that can be used anywhere and anyhow without worrying about its legality.


3. Reasonable costs 

Fake degree sellers will either charge you too much or too little for a two-year degree. On the other hand, legit online degree sellers offer degrees at affordable and reasonable costs. Their prices usually depend on which university your degree is coming from as well as the number of supporting documents you need. And since these are real documents, having them produced can require some expenses. But do take note that it should never cost you more than what you will spend if you were to enroll in a class.

4. Decent purchasing processes 

Last but not least, buying degrees online should never be too easy. Remember that only fake documents take less time to produce. Therefore, a real degree seller will never offer you superficial claims like getting any degree within a few days. Real degrees from third-party providers take at least two weeks to process.

Aside from that, a legitimate online degree seller first assesses their customers by asking for educational and work background. This is to ensure that the degree you are getting is in line with your skills and expertise.

Knowing the customer’s background is also a form of security for these websites. To simply put it, this is how they prevent their products from being used for illegal purposes.

Risk of Fake Degrees

You can get the best two-year degrees online through degree selling websites. That is why many people are now looking for these services. However, not everyone selling and using degrees bought online are good people. That is why authorities and employers became more wary about online degrees.

Risk of fake degrees

Some people use two-year degrees to threaten others. Since these are more convenient and fast to get, it is also prone to mishandling. The most popular misuse of online degrees is when people use it to:

  • Scam other people in buying or using their products and services. Thus, putting customers at great risks.
  • Using degrees to enter a country illegally
  • Extort money from unknowing victims

In that regard, if you are caught using a fake two-year degree or any other fake academic document, you will face the following consequences:

  • End your career by either getting fired or blacklisted in your career. Meaning, you can no longer practice your profession.
  • Risk your professional license
  • Remove the value of your academic experience
  • Lose your professional credibility
  • Face legal sanctions by going behind bars or paying fine

Online two year degrees should be an aid to your career, not a liability. Therefore, to avoid these consequences, you should only get your two-year degrees from accredited academic providers.

Why You Should Buy a Two-Year Degree Online

Education has become a sort of luxury that even getting a two-year degree can be too much of an investment. That is why there has been an evident increase in the number of people patronizing online degree sellers.

But why would you need an instant degree?

Why not just save the money and earn a degree conventionally?

There will be a point in your career where you will face different kinds of problems. And sometimes, an instant two-year degree is the only solution at hand.

One example is you suddenly saw a job opportunity that is in line with your skills and knowledge. The problem is, you never had proper training despite being so talented in your field. Also, the job requires a degree.

Of course, the job vacancy cannot wait until you finish studying for two years. It needs someone who currently has a degree. As a solution, you can buy a two-year degree online. You can expect to receive it a few days before your physical interview for the position. Thus, when the time comes for your employer to ask for academic proof, you will have the right documents on hand.

Another instance when you will need an online two-year degree is when your employer suddenly starts laying off employees. You can buy a degree online and present it to your boss. This can help convince them that you are a valuable employee. Thus, saving you from getting fired.

You can also use a bought two-year degree to increase your chances of getting a promotion. Having a new degree in your field will let your boss see how dedicated you are at what you do. Therefore, making you a possible candidate for promotion.

The Best 2-Year Degrees You Can Get Online

To enjoy the full benefits of 2-year degrees, you need to get the best 2-year degrees in the market. These will ensure that you will have high paying jobs that are even better to what you will get with conventional degrees.

These are some of the best two-year degrees you can get or buy online from third-party academic providers:

  • Liberal studies
  • Business administration
  • Criminal justice
  • Legal assistant
  • Social sciences
  • Electronic and communications technology
  • Information technology
  • Computer systems networking and telecommunications
  • Radiologic technology

These are the top ten best two-year degrees you can get because these are mostly in line with essential industries like business, medical, and technology. These are also good majors that can equip you with the right skills and knowledge you need to pursue the high-paying careers mentioned before in this article.

Remember that the mentioned degrees and jobs in this article require professional expertise. Therefore, only use your two-year degree in accordance with what your skills and knowledge can offer.

Thanks to universities and accredited online degree sellers, more people can now enjoy having a career in top paying industries. Now, you can reach greater heights in your profession without having to invest too much. And since these degrees are sure to have passed the legalization and verification process, you will not have to worry about facing risky consequences of accidentally buying a fake degree.

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