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Here, we understand exactly how it feels to apply for hundreds of jobs only to be rejected – not because you lack the skills, but because you don’t have the basic, minimum education requirements. That’s why we started this company so people can have their masters, bachelor’s and even doctorate degrees without the burden of expensive school tuition and time-consuming coursework.

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To reach out and urgently help people looking to improve their lives by way of verifiable university degrees

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To partner up with colleges and universities all over the world to help degree seekers in their pursuit of educational excellence.

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To specifically let people buy online degrees much quicker and at affordable prices. 

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That tomorrow would be better than today.

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You can choose from various of degree majors !

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We offer a broad range of verifiable degrees from real universities that are fully accredited.

Bachelors Degree

This is the standard, undergraduate degree that takes much longer that an associate degree. If you want to skip four years of class work and coursework, this is the degree you want to buy. To successfully complete a bachelor’s degree, you need over 120 academic units.

$390 USD

Masters Degree

This is among the postgraduate degrees which usually takes 2 or more years to complete. A student needs 30 units or more to successfully complete a master’s degree. Typically, it requires passing a comprehensive exam and completing your special thesis.

$490 USD

Doctorate Degree

Like the bachelor’s, this degree lasts for four years or more and is the highest possible degree you can attain. Like the master’s you’ll need to complete a dissertation and pass a comprehensive exam. You need a master’s degree first before you can buy a doctorate degree.

$590 USD

Honorary Doctorate

Also known as honaris causa, this prestigious degree is only given to people who have reached the highest educational standards of the school. However, it can also be given to outstanding individuals without the need for formal education, prior doctorates or even connection to the school itself. 

$790 USD


Simply put, this is the position of being a professor. A professor is the highest academic ranking faculty member of a university you can achieve. If you can buy a professorship, this high ranking honor will see all types of professional doors and employment opportunities open up. 

$890 USD

Honorary Professorship

An honorary professorship is a very special award given to people who have shown dedicated contribution and service to the university. You could be a teacher, a researcher, a lecturer, or even a student who has served the entire university community with unyielding sincerity and excellence.

$990 USD

For more premium degree options we urge you visit our degree overview page. We explain more in depth what we offer and what we have. For person with many questions this is like Wikipedia of answers 🙂
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Internationally accredited degrees.

Looking at today’s highly competitive work scene, one thing remains clear as day. The bigger and fatter opportunities always seem to be going to those with college and university degrees. Even with hard-earned experience and skills that have taken years of training to accumulate, plenty of deserving workers will still get left behind and overlooked. Why should you let a mere piece of paper come between you and your dream career?

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We destroy your information and related data as soon as we’ve delivered your degree package.

All our degrees come from real and physical universities with full accreditation.

Not only are all our universities accredited, but they all have great reputations in all their respective countries.

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